CR Wannamaker Law. Changing the lives of undocumented immigrants everywhere in the United States.

The team at C.R. Wannamaker Law is here to go the distance for you.

Dedication. Advocacy. Results

We are changing lives helping millions of undocumented immigrants come out of the shadows and live without fear, by helping them gain legal status in the United States. We do this through the use of zealous, aggressive, creative, and yet compassionate advocacy.

Why should you choose us to represent you?

Fully Bilingual Service

Our Customer Service Representatives are standing by to respond to your questions in either English or Spanish.


Experience & Professionalism

With 20+ years of experience, Attorney Constance Wannamaker has the knowledge and experience to handle complex cases.


Personalized Attention

Our legal team is devoted to each our clients, and is standing by to help you resolve your immigration case.


Help Wherever You Live

We offer online consultations and have an impressive track record of representing clients from across the United States.

Learn More about our Firm

We have a variety of teams that all work together in order to help our clients. Above all, we are dedicated to our clients having an excellent customer journey, from the time they book their first appointment in addition to the time that they finally gain their legal status.

Constance R. Wannamaker

An Immigration Lawyer with Your Best Interest in Mind

We believe everyone deserves quality legal representation – period. Therefore  our job is to remove the mystery and fear behind the immigration system and provide our clients with the fierce and fearless representation they deserve.

Sprinting Towards Success

With longer wait times and new regulations popping up constantly, there is simply no time to wait.  If you or a loved one needs to adjust your status, petition for a relative, apply for a business visa, or any other immigration needs.

She has dedicated her life to going the distance for her clients. Constance has the endurance and commitment to overcome what might feel like impossible odds and remains passionate about supporting the rights of immigrant workers everywhere.

Constance Experience and Education

A Humanistic Approach to Law

At C.R. Wannamaker Law, our approach to law is actually quite simple:  Treat everyone with the respect, compassion, and kindness they deserve.  We understand how overwhelming the immigration system can be, and we are here to help you navigate the process.

Family-Based Immigration Services with a Heart

C.R. Wannamaker Law team has helped our clients resolve hundreds of cases within the immigration services system, including but not limited to:  Asylum, removal defense, TPS, VAWA, visas for crime victims, family petitions, DACA, as well as assisting businesses and workers apply for and maintain immigration-related visas.

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