About Our Firm

C. R. Wannamaker Law, PLLC is an immigration law firm in El Paso, Texas, owned and run by Constance R. Wannamaker, an attorney with 20 years of experience helping immigrants with a variety of legal needs. Bilingual in English and Spanish, Ms. Wannamaker began her legal career representing migrant and seasonal farmworkers. During her 20 years of practice, Ms. Wannamaker has represented immigrants and immigrant families in immigration, employment, family and disability related cases.

C.R. Wannamaker Law, PLLC helps immigrants and their families gain and maintain legal immigration status in the United States. We help with humanitarian and family based immigration services including asylum, removal defense, TPS, visas for crime victims, family petitions, student petitions and DACA. C.R. Wannamaker Law, PLLC also assists businesses and workers to apply for and maintain immigration related visas.

Immigration Law and Policy is changing on a daily basis, and cases are taking longer to resolve. If you need to adjust your status, petition for a relative, apply for a business visa or have any other immigration need, it is important to act quickly. Call or email us to schedule a consultation to discuss your immigration needs today.

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